Huawei trade-ban coming to an end? Android Q Beta available for Huawei devices once again

A few days ago the US imposed a trade ban on Huawei. No US company was allowed to do business with the Chinese company because of this. So, Google first stopped the Android Q Beta program from the company and announced that future Huawei devices won’t have access to Google Service, including the Play Store. Other companies soon followed with their own restrictions, including some non-US ones like ARM. The Department of Commerce in the US offered a 90-day pass on the ban after a couple of days so that Huawei could still help existing users and provide software updates.

Today, we found out about more of these restrictions being lifted. The Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Alliance once again allow Huawei to use their technologies and Google re-started the Android Q beta program for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, as reported by Android Police. So far there are still no mentions of Huawei on the Android and Android Enterprise sites, but the fact that some things are moving in the right direction for Huawei is good news. We still don’t know if the full-ban will be lifted, but it looks like things may not be as grim as initially thought. The question remains, however, for how long will this trade war last.

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