Smartphones with under-display selfie camera are a reality. Xiaomi and Oppo show off prototypes

When the first smartphone with a notch was presented, we knew that it was an intermediate step to truly full screen smartphones. The notch has started to shrink considerably in the past year, going from occupying half of the top part to just a small fraction in water-drop style notches, but the holy grail remains a smartphone that has the selfie camera under the display. We knew that many manufacturers are working on such tech and today we got our first look.

Oppo presented their prototype in a Weibo video. There, a smartphone that has the screen extended all the way to the top is shown turned on with a slideshow of images on. The user opens the camera app and the screen turns black at the top to minimize light pollution for the camera and the user slides a finger on top to show where the camera actually is.

Not long after that, Xiaomi presented a similar video. The show two smartphones, a normal Mi 9 and a modded Mi 9 that has the under-screen camera tech. The video was edited to indicate the position of the camera, but the overall effect and result is the same. A device that has no notch, no pop-up camera and no bezels, but has a front-facing camera. Later Xiaomi posted several images where it shows the tech in easily-understandable diagrams. So far we don’t know how this will effect image quality and no word about a release date, but considering how fast the tech is progressing, we should expect this to be available in stores late next year.

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