AnTuTu Top 10 for May dominated by Chinese devices, once again

As we are getting used to, AnTuTu publishes the top 10 devices with the highest score each month. We were expecting to see some changes in the list due to the abundance of top-tier smartphones that became available to the public in the past month. However, even though the list saw many new entries, the top 10 is still dominated by Chinese brands, a trend that may be hard to stop considering how many Chinese manufacturers are targeting the high-end and gaming market lately.

Starting at the very top we have the Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming smartphone, a device that comes with high-end specs and a cooling system to match. The number one spot is no surprise considering that the smartphone can boost that clock speed without thermal throttling thanks to the built-in fan. It managed to get whooping 380,921 points. Just below it, we have the ZTE Axon 10 Pro, another new entry on the list, that managed to get 376,916 points. The podium is completed by the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition that got 376,092, close to last month’s score.

On the forths spot we see another gaming smartphone, the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 with 374,736, followed by the normal Xiaomi Mi 9 on fifth with 372,422. Going in the second half of the list we see the Meizu 16s which is followed by the OnePlus 7 Pro, a new entry this month, with 368,834. The OnePlus device may be getting a lower score due to it’s higher resolution and higher refresh rate screen. On the 8th position, we see the Lenovo Z6 Pro with 363,399. Finally, the last two spots are occupied by non-Chinese devices: the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Galaxy S10.

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