Umidigi is launching a smartwatch. Offering free units if you post positive review on Amazon

Umidigi is set to launch a smartwatch very very soon. So far we don’t have information about this new device except that it will be called UWatch 2 and will build on top of the first smartwatch offered by the company (in the above picture). The UWatch 2 will probably run Android as the main operating system, however, chances that it will be a WearOS device are slim. Under normal circumstances, I don’t write about a device unless I have more information and can offer something to the reader, but this is an exception. Umidigi is offering free review units to a few lucky customers.

This is not a traditional giveaway that the company (and others) are usually doing when a new product is launched. This time, there is a catch. I received (on a different mailing list, not the official website one) the above email. Umidigi will be offering an undisclosed number of UWatch 2s for free if you agree to post a positive review on Amazon. This is a bit strange since Amazon, according to their seller’s guidelines, prohibits free samples in exchange for positive reviews. We contacted Umidigi for comment and will post here once we have something back, but, considering that this is not the first time the company has some non-orthodox marketing strategies, we doubt that we will get a reply.

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