UMIDIGI Ubeats headphones come with Bluetooth 5 and attractive price

UMIDIGI, despite some shady marketing techniques, does launch decent products. Some of the best B-Brand devices currently on the market. They just announced a new headphone with a neckband and Bluetooth 5. The main selling point, however, is the price. UMIDIGI UBeats will cost under $30 and during pre-orders, you will be able to snap it up at just $20. Not a bad price if you are looking for some earphones to take on the go.

We did not test them yet and can’t say anything related to sound quality, but they promise up to 12 hours of continues playback, despite being very lightweight: just 33 grams. The 140mAh battery will charge in 1.5 hours via a micro-USB port. It would have been nice to see a USB Type-C connector, but considering the price, we can’t really ask for more. Also, no info on the presence of a microphone, so probably there is not one present. That is the main downside. If you are interested, you can add them to cart now and actual purchase starts on the 17th.

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