Xiaomi Spain plagiarized an add. The employee responsible was fired

It is not the first time that a company uses the creation of an artist without crediting it, but Xiaomi may have outdone themselves. The Verge reported that XIaomi Spain posted the above add on their social media accounts yesterday. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but that image was made using thee different renders by artist Peter Tarka. Furthermore, two of the original mages were actually commissioned by LG. All the work was done without the author’s permission and after the initial report, it was taken down.

Peter Tarka even posted an animated GIF with Xiaomi’s ad and his work on top, to further illustrate the resemblance. There is little doubt that the work was indeed stolen. Today, Xiaomi came with an official statement (below) where it admitted to using the work without permission and an apology to the original author. Furthermore, they said that the employee that made the ad was fired and that they take this kind of issue seriously.

After investigating artist Peter Tarka’s comments on the misuse of his artwork on Xiaomi Spain’s website, Xiaomi has determined that a designer used Peter Tarka’s design without permission. Xiaomi has removed the content from our website and decided to dismiss this employee with immediate effect. We sincerely apologize to Peter Tarka, and for the lapses in our approval process. The employee’s actions go against our company values of respecting intellectual property, and we will further strengthen our internal approval processes to prevent this from happening again. We’ve reached out to Peter Tarka to express our apology.

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