What is the Xiaomi CC smartphone?

A few days ago the first leak of a new smartphone surfaced that featured the device from the back with a rotating camera, similar to what the ASUS Zenfone 6 has. According to that image, it was a collaboration between Xiaomi and Meitu. Since then, there were multiple reports of this device as well as leaks of other devices: Xiaomi CC9 and Xiaomi CC9e. But exactly is Xiaomi CC and will we see more devices from Meitu?

According to multiple sources, CC stands for Creative & Colorful or Chic & Cool and it is a new sub-brand from Xiaomi that the company is building together with Meitu. So, the smartphone in the first image leaked will certainly not be the last. The two companies plan to launch multiple devices this year and will continue to do so in the future. The CC line-up will mostly focus on youth, teenagers, and people that focus more on social media than on raw specs. But don’t get discouraged, since the new devices will have excellent cameras and will be able to take really good photos, in an attempt to attract as many teenagers that share everything on Facebook, Weechat and other social sites.

The new brand does mean that Xiaomi will have to let other lineups go. It seems that the Mi Max and Mi Note devices will be no more. These smartphones did not sell that well and it is only natural that Xiaomi discontinues then and try to fill the gap with their other devices. Also, don’t confuse the Mi Note with the Redmi Note. That is a completely different sub-brand and one that is going to stay.

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