Win a free Chuwi LapBook Plus, a MacBook clone with a 4K screen

Chuwi, a Chinese brand that has many tablets, laptops, and convertibles under its brand is close to launching a new device. This time, it will be a laptop with a slim design, big trackpad similar to the MacBook Pro and a 15.6″ 4K screen. The rest of the specs aren’t that bad, but the CPU may be a bit underpowered compared to the other components. Still, Chuwi claims it will be among the cheapest laptops with a 4K screen on the market and is holding a giveaway where two lucky winners will get the laptop for free if they guess the price right.

Before you can guess the price, let’s take a look over the specs. So far we know that the new Chuwi LapBook Plus will come with a quad-core/quad-thread Intel Apollo Lake CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The laptop has a dual-M.2 slot so you can fit another SSD in there if you want and it supports up to another terabyte of storage in that second slot. The LapBook Plus has a metal body and only 6mm in thickness, which is quite impressive considering everything it can hold. The biggest selling point is the display. It will come with a 15.6″ screen with a 4K resolution. Other devices on the market with such a display range in price between $1500 and way over $2000, but Chuwi has a cheaper CPU and it claims that it will be much cheaper than what is currently on the market.

Think you know the real price? Then head over to the Chuwi’s Promotion Page and enter your guess. If you get it right the new Chuwi LapBook Plus could be yours.

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