Nubia Red Magic 3 Camo with 12GB + 256GB in stock

Nubia finally has the most powerful Red Magic 3 in stock starting today and the price isn’t bad at all. The Red Magic 3 Camo version, that has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage can be purchased from Redmagic’s official website for just $599/€599 and you will also get an extra 20% off on accessories if you buy this version. We suggest you look at the Red Magic 3 Adapter Dock if you are buying this phone.

All the specs of this version are identical with the other version, except the RAM and the internal storage that got a big boost. You will get the Snapdragon 855 CPU that is being actively cooled using an internal fan. You will still get the 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen and a 48MP camera on the back. You will also get dual speakers, an RGB light strip on the back and more traditional rear-mounter fingerprint reader. The screen is really good and quite impressive that ZTE/Nubia managed to get it on a phone that isn’t really that expensive.

The Red Magic 3 Camo has a similar design with the other models. It comes with the same hard edges with the hexagon being the dominant shape. However, the back has a grey camo pattern instead of a single black or red color. It may not be for everybody, but it will certainly attract many eyes and everybody will know that you got the highest-end model available. The phone isn’t cheap, but considering the specifications, the raw power that it has to offer and the impressive cooling and tech build into it, it is definitely worth $599, especially if you are a mobile gamer.

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