The Chuwi LapBook Plus with 4K screen will cost around $600

Remember that last week we wrote about Chuwi’s first laptop with a 4K screen and that they are hosting a contest where, if you guess the price, you could win the device? If not, read this article and after that come back here since we have some more information. We managed to talk with Chuwi about this new laptop and have some additional details, including the estimated price for the new Chuwi LapBook Plus.

Let’s recap the specs first, shall we? It has a quad-core Apollo Lake Intel CPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage. The device also has a secondary M.2 slot where you can add an extra 1TB SSD if you so wish. The device is not meant for gaming and does not have a dedicated GPU, but the integrated Intel HD 505 graphics should be good for most tasks a normal user does. The CPU is it’s weakest point and in no way a powerhouse, but it is energy efficient and good for web browsing, office work and video playback. The Chuwi LapBook Plus main selling point, however, is the 4K screen and MacBook Air design. It is very slim, measuring just 6mm in thickness, and has a good design. If the screen is on par with other 4K display, it can be a real head-turner.

Now, let’s focus on the price. If you want to win this device, you must guess the price it will be sold at. We don’t have the exact number but, according to our PR contact, the new Chuwi LapBook Plus will sell for around $600, making it the cheapest laptop with a 4K screen that we saw to date.

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