Redmi teases their 64MP camera-phone on Weibo

This year we saw a big rise in smartphones with a 48MP main camera, but it seems that things are not stopping here. We know that Samsung has a 64MP sensor ready and it looks like Xiaomi/Redmi will launch one of the first smartphones to have this new sensor incorporated. Furthermore, the launch of the device is not too far in the future if we are to believe Redmi’s Weibo account. Today the company posted a teaser of their upcoming device along with a sample photo.

Now, it is not a full-resolution image and it was clearly edited. But according to them, it was just resized and cropped to make this promo-post and not enhancements were done on the actual image. The picture of the cat shows great details in the fur and the eyes and with a bit of optimization for the final product, we may get even better photos at release. No release date was provided so far. Hopefully, such tech will arrive at mid-range devices as well. The 48MP sensors can be found on smartphones at just $200, so we can expect similarly priced devices to have 64MP sensors in the near future as well.

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