Awesome cornfield photos prove you don’t need a high-end device to take good pictures

Two weeks ago I wrote about a young photographer that managed to take really cool photos of the Milky Way using his Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone. You guys really liked those pictures so I decided to hunt down other awesome artists that manage to capture stunning photos using only their handheld device. After looking over many photos I finally decided on the set below. Not because they were the best, but because they prove that anyone can take good photos, even if they are not a professional photographer or their device is not top of the line. All it takes is a bit of work, the right conditions, and a little editing afterward.

The images you see above were taken by Michał in a small village in Poland. He is not a photographer, not even as a hobby; Michał is working in marketing. But when an opportunity shows itself, if you have the right eye, you can seize the moment. The sun was reaching dusk and being very close to the horizon the rays were nicely scattered through the cornfields at the outskirts of the village. He only had his Redmi Note 5 smartphone with him and everything was set to “auto”. It is not the best device for taking pictures and the age is shown a bit at full resolution (you can see a slightly grainy image, especially in the darker corners). But the quality of a photograph doesn’t stay only in the quality of the image. So, a bit of editing was needed, since the pictures clearly had great potential.

After taking the photos, some editing was required to make them pop up more. Again, being an older device, it does not have the awesome HDR effects found on newer models. Luckily, Snapseed can replicate those effect to some extends. With a bit of work, adjustments, and knowledge, Michał managed to get these awesome shots. Yes, a better device may have helped in capturing some higher quality photos, but the end result shows that with a bit of work and a grain of luck, anyone can capture stunning photos, even on mid-range devices.

And again, thanks to Michał for letting us post your images.

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