[UPDATE] Cringy Black Shark 2 Pro commercial confirm Snapdragon 855+

The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro will be released in China next week and the company already released the first commercial for the phone. It is quite strange, with a very “Japanese” look and feel, where the “Black Shark Man” is fighting a big robot in the city. In the video, there aren’t many details offered, but we do see the front of the device (strapped on to the chest of Black Shark Man) and the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset is confirmed. This comes just one day after Xiaomi teased the back of the device. There aren’t many design changes, the front being virtually identical. The back is also quite similar but now there are two RGB light strips there as well, not just under the “Black Shark” logo. You can click on the picture to view it bigger.

You can view the cringy video below.

UPDATE: A second video was posted. This time, Black Shark Man is fighting a one-eyed furry monster.

Source: Weibo

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