Mediatek will launch a game-centric chipset on the 30th

With the big rise in mobile gaming in the past two years, it was just a matter of time until Mediatek would launch a gaming CPU for smartphones. Mediatek is one of the biggest chipset manufacturers and many devices, especially one coming from China, have a Meditek CPU inside. Pricing for smartphones featuring these is also quite low, rarely surpassing $250. However, even the Helio P70 (the latest chipset launched by the company so far) does not have a good GPU, making it non-ideal for gaming. But, with the Mediatek Helio G90, they would like to change that.

Not a lot of information is offered about this new chipset, but we can expect that the Helio G90 to build on top of the previously unveiled Helio P90, but with improved GPU performance. Even in games, the CPU part can handle things without any major problem, but for mid-range chipsets, the ones Mediatek is making, the GPU part was lacking the high performance needed for hardcore games. With this release, we can expect a series of cheaper gaming smartphones to hit the market in the near future. More details will be available on the 30th of July when Mediatek will officially unveil the Helio G90. It would be curious how performance and pricing will compare to the Snapdragon 845, considering that devices with that chipset are quite affordable even now.

Source: Weibo via Gizchina

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