Oppo’s smartphone prototype ditches side bezels completly

Oppo released today on their social media accounts a prototype for a smartphone that has no side bezels at all. Instead, the screen wraps around on both sides at 88 degrees. Oppo is calling it “waterfall screen” and may come on an upcoming device in the near future, but an actual date was not revealed. This design does raise a few questions, especially considering how slim the top and bottom bezels are.

Because there are no side margins at all, the buttons had to be placed on top or bottom of the device, including the power and volume controls. Furthermore, it may prove difficult to hold such a device in hand if palm detection isn’t perfect. If they are not careful, Oppo may have a “you are holding it wrong” incident on their hands. Keep in mind that this is a prototype and that the final design will probably suffer some changes. Still, it is nice to see that truly all-screen smartphones are slowly becoming a reality. Rumors say that it may be our first look at the Oppo Find Y.

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