Huawei will release a smartphone with HongMengOS in Q4

Ever since the US-CHina trade war put a ban on Huawei, the company has been teasing (threatening?) with their own operating system. The first device to run it will be a smart TV that will be released only in China (at least at first), but the biggest target is still smartphones. Even though Huawei said that their new HongMeng OS will run on a wide variety of devices, we did not know of any smartphone that actually runs it.

Now, according to Global Times (a news website that is also linked to the Chinese government), the first such device to run Huawei’s own operating system will launch by the end of the year. Don’t expect this to be a flagship device though. According to the original soruce, it will cost around 2,000 yuan (about $285) and will be targeted towards developers that will want to hop on the new platform and prepare applications and an build the ecosystem of apps needed for a successful OS.

Source: GSMArena

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