Xiaomi shows off the 64MP camera from their next Redmi phone, teases a 108MP sensor

Xiaomi held a press conference today where it officially showed of the Samsung ISOCEL GW1 camera sensor that will be the main attraction of their next Redmi smartphone. The actual device and specifications were not revealed yet, but we did get a look at what the camera can do and how it compares to other sensors on the market. At the beginning of the year, 48MP cameras started to go mainstream and we are already talking about 64MP sensors. And the launch is not even that far away.

The new sensor doesn’t just have a high pixel count. It is bigger and can capture more light compared to other sensors on the market. It has 1/17″ in dimensions making it significantly larger than other sensors on the market. At 64Mp it has a real resolution of 9248×6936, about 34% more pixels than the 48MP sensor currently on many smartphones. Don’t expect to actually have such big pictures stored on your device. Instead, the final image will be resized in order to have better sharpness and more details. If you would really save the image at this resolution it would reach 19MB in size.

Xiaomi was not over with the teasers though. During the event, it slipped another surprise. The company said that soon it will also reveal a smartphone that has a 108MP camera sensor. This one is also made by Samsung and Xiaomi will be the first company to use it in a commercially available product. It will also have exclusivity for a few months, giving them a serious advantage on smartphone photography. No actual release date was offered for either this or the 64MP phone, but some rumors say that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may come with the 108MP sensor.

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