Realme will launch three quad-camera smartphone

We wrote yesterday that Realme will be holding a press conference today where the company will reveal its 64MP smartphone. The day has come and we were greeted with not one, but three new devices distributed across their line-up. Only the top device is called Realme 5 and has a 64MP main sensor. The rest will probably feature a 48MP camera. All three phones will be distributed across Realme’s product line: Realme Series, Realme Pro Series and Realme X Series.

No information related to the full specifications of the phone was given. Instead, the company focused only on the cameras. All three phones will have 2x Zoom telephoto lens, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a dedicated macro camera. The macro-lens will be used for shooting small objects at just 4mm (approx 1.5″) away. The devices will also come with an “expert mode” in the camera software that will let the user adjust settings as they please. The phones will be released before Diwali day in India, which is on the 27th of October.

Madhav Seth, Realme’s CEO, shared a few sample pictures on Twitter and the results are quite impressive. The phones will most probably down-sample the images at 16MP which will result in super-sharp photos. These are the first Realme 5 Sample Photos available. You can see the images in the gallery above, slightly resized to preserve bandwidth.

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