Aliexpress back-to-school sale has some good discounts on smartphones and accesories

Aliexpress is hosting a back-to-school sale event until the 16th and there are some really good deals and discounts available on smartphones and accessories. During the event, you can get great smartphones a lot cheaper than they were before and, if you are lucky, you can get additional discounts using seller-specific coupons. There are many offers available, with devices being sold for every budget. We are not going to list each and every one since you can find that at the specials sale’s page, but let’s see the best options so far, for each price category.

Sub-100$ Smartphones

These are among the cheapest devices you can buy. The specs are far from perfect, but when you are on a tight budget you can’t ask for a lot. Luckily, there are are few decent devices at this price range as well. The Umidigi A5 Pro has a triple-camera on the back, HD+ screen and runs the latest version of Android for just $98. You can find other devices as well, like the Oukitel C16 Pro or the Doogee N10, but we strongly recommend going for the Umidigi, even though it is a bit more expensive than the others.

Sub-150$ Smartphones

At this price, you usually don’t expect to find any good smartphone, but if you can live with a device that is from last year, there are some good bargains to be found. The Meizu Note 8 is a solid smartphone that is available at just $119. If you want something significantly better, we suggest you look at the next price range, since for a little more you can get 2019-era devices with some serious specs.

Sub-200$ Smartphones

Now we are starting to see some good devices and serious competition. At this price range you can get the newer Meizu Note 9 (64GB – $169.99, 128GB – $186.74) or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (64GB – $171.99). If you want a rugged smartphone, the Ulefone Armor 6E is just shy of $200 right now.

Over $200 smartphones

Now we are aproching high-midrange market where we see a few famous smartphoens that managed to get a good price cut. The best choice is the Xiaomi Mi 9T, which can be bought for just $275. This is for the global version of the device and has really good specs and an awesome 48MP camera. Also, if you choose DHL shipping for EU, you won’t pay any custom taxes. For the gamers out there, you can choose the ViVo IQOO Neo that has the Snapdragon 845 CPU, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage for $283. Another good choice is the Xiaomi Mi 9SE which costs $280 during the back-to-school sale event.

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