OnePlus TV to launch next month

There were rumors about a OnePlus TV for almost two years and last week the company officially unveiled their logo for their TV set. Today, in a forum post by Pete, Oneplus’ CEO, he announced that the OnePlus TV will launch next month and it will firstly be available in India, with Europe, US and China close behind. No official release date was provided, but September was officially confirmed.

In the post, Pete also wrote a few words about the journey and the struggles of launching a TV. The company had to work close with content providers for each region and they had to improve existing technologies in order to offer something unique and new in an attempt to shake the TV market in a similar way they did for smartphones. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to offer great specs and a great price, just like they did with the OnePlus One, but so far no words related to the price was given.

You can read more about OnePlus’ journey an struggles into launching a TV on their forum.

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