Huawei Mate 30 won’t come with Google Services

Huawei presented their latest Kirin 990 chipset at IFA in Berlin as well as hints that it will be shipped in the upcoming Huawei Mate 30. People also wanted to discuss about the trade ban between China and USA and how this will affect their future releases. Richard Yu took the opportunity to answer a few questions and it seems that the next releases from Huawei will have to suffer, at least for now. Yu confirmed that the Mate 30 as well as the foldable Mate X won’t come with Google Service.

This means that no Google Play Store, no Gmail, Maps or YouTube or any of the others. However, he also mentioned that this is not as drastic as it first seems since users could install all those by themselves. Installing Google Play Store and the needed underlying services is not as easy as it seems, or as easy as Huawei wants you to believe. Normally, you would have to flash everything since just downloading the APK is not a solution. However, Huawei does claim that they are working with third-party developers for an easy solution to this.

Other companies, when faced with a similar problem, had everything needed in their own app store from where the services could be easily installed. This is something that you can do on Xiaomi devices if they come with the Chinese ROM (there is an app there that downloads and installs everything, no root needed) and Meizu had a similar approach in the past. Huawei may do something similar when the Mate 30 or the Mate X hit the non-Chinese market. Will this impact your choice of smartphones in the future or it isn’t such a big problem for you?

Source: Android Authority

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