Pete Lau teases OnePlus TV’s design

Pete Lau, OnePlus’s CEO, posted a new picture with the OnePlus TV today on Twitter. We did not get the chance to see the entire device, something that will probably only be revealed during the release, but we did get a glimpse of the back of the device. It appears to have a carbon-fiber pattern and an interesting stand design that holds the TV from the middle-top part. We don’t know if the OnePlus TV will be wall-mountable at this time or how will it look without that stand, but what we saw today looks interesting.

We have to wait a bit more until the official release, but so far the OnePlus TV is ramping up to be an interesting device. We know that it will come with a Mediatek chipset, 3GB of RAM and QLED panel. It will runt Android TV, but OnePlus claims that they made changes and optimizations there as well, just like they did with OxygenOS for their smartphones. If the price is right, the OnePlus TV may shake the market.

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