Alleged Mi Mix 4 tempered glass surfaces online, no sign of a notch

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone is getting close to release and just like with most high-profile devices, leaks start to appears a few weeks prior to the release. Today, thanks to a post on Twitter by leakster IceUniverse, we get our first look at what seems to be a tempered glass or protective film for the Mi Mix 4. As always, let’s take these images with a grain of salt until the final release at the end of the month.

If the photos are indeed legit, the phone won’t have a notch or a punch-hole. The bezels are also very slim on both top and bottom of the display and the phone has a curved screen on both sides. How the selfie camera will be integrated is still a mystery to most people. Some rumors mention that the phone will have an under-display front-facing camera, but others say that the tech is still under development and not ready for mass production. Either way, the phone will have a really good screen-to-body ration, probably surpassing 100% if we take the curves into consideration.

P.S. I think that the phone will come with a pop-up selfie camera, but deep down, I hope that I am wrong…just to see some new and cool tech on the market.

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