Xiaomi confirms the 108MP camera for the Mi Mix Alpha

With one day to go until the official release of the Xiaomi Mi MIx Alpha, there are still many unknowns related to the device. Today, however, the company released a few teasers on social media and confirmed a few key aspects, most importantly, the main camera. It has been speculated for quite a while that the next Mi Mix smartphone will come with the new 108MP camera sensor that was unveiled a couple of months ago, but today we have official confirmation.

Another important aspect is the screen-to-body ration. Here, it looks like the Mi Mix Alpha will manage to hit 100%, however, we don’t know if that means there are no bezels at all or if the phone has a curved screen and those curved parts are included when calculating the screen-to-body ratio. Considering that so far we had no leaks related to the design of the phone, we can speculate, but most probably the screen protectors leaked a few days ago legit and the phone will have a curved screen on the side. Under-display camera tech is also rumored, but not yet confirmed (even though there is a cryptic tweet about this…). Only one more day left until we find out.

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