Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has an 180% screen-to-body ratio and a 108MP camera

The new Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is interesting and all, but everybody was waiting for the Mi Mix Alpha to be unveiled. We had really high expectations for this phone and I must say that Xiaomi managed to really impress with the Mix Alpha. But before we head deeper into this story, let’s clarify a few things: it is really experimental, even for a Mi Mix phone, and it is really expensive. Now that we pushed these out of the way, let’s admire the gorgeous, almost all-screen phone in all its splendor.

The front is almost all screen. There are really slim bezels on top and bottom and no notch at all. There are no bezels on the sides because the screen wraps around and covers the back almost completely. There is a slim ceramic strip on the back that holds the cameras, but even so, the phone manages to have a 180% screen-to-body ratio. There were smartphones that had a display on the back before, but none had a continuous one. The design is really interesting, futuristic, but it does pose a few problems related to its capacity to withstand a fall, especially since there is no way to put a case on it.

Spec wise, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is a beast and has the best hardware possible today. It comes with the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. The phone also has dual 5G connectivity and benefits from 40W charging capability just like the Mi 9 Pro. Another interesting aspect of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is the camera setup. To be more precise, it has a 108MP main camera, a 12MP telephoto camera, and a 20MP ultrawide angle camera. There is no front-facing camera but you can use the back cameras for selfies and the phone will display what it sees on the back portion of the screen. Speaking of that part of the display, Xiaomi said that it made special AI for the phone that detects key scenarios where you would use the back of the display.

The Mi Mix Alpha is quite fragile because of the design, however, Xiaomi did try to do its best here as well. The frame is made out of an aerospace-grade alloy and the cameras are protected by saphire glass. The phone is really beautiful and definitely unique, but there are drawbacks that will surely be a dealbreaker for many. For starters, the phone will be sold for approximately $2800 when it will hit shelves in December. Well, at least in China. Official release date in other locations was not yet revealed.

I really like the phone and it got me excited. It has been quite a while since a new device managed to feel so unique and modern, despite some interesting concepts and launches in the past couple of years. Yes, I know that very few people will manage to get their hands on the new Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, but it shows us a glimpse of what there is to come in terms of smartphone design. I consider this an intermediate step to truly foldable devices.

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