Xiaomi donates 100 Air Purifiers to Malaysian school

I know that in the past two days I’ve only written about Xiaomi. I promise to stop tomorrow when the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro will be launched. But this story is a bit different compared to most others present here. Not many know this but currently Malaysia suffers from one of the wors haze in recent years. Reports say that the air is really bad these days with very little visibility and that it could seriously affect health, especially in children. It is really hard to combat it and to solve the underlying problem will require a lot of effort, but for now, in an attempt to at least make life easier for children, Xiaomi is donating 100 Mi Air Purifiers for Malaysian schools.

The devices will be placed each in a different classroom and will help clean the air a bit so that students and teachers can work in almost normal conditions. The purifiers will be deployed in schools in Johan Setia, Klang, te part of the country that is the most affected by the haze.

Source: Soyacincau

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