The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with a case. Official unboxing video here

The Mi Mix Alpha managed to impress everyone. It may not be the most practical smartphone, but it is one of the best-looking devices out there and a real technological masterpiece. However, with its wrap-around display that curves all the way to the back and extends functionality there as well, it is clear that the Mi Mix Alpha is a fragile smartphone. Luckily, those that have the money to buy it will get a case in the box as well.

Xiaomi posted their official unboxing video/teaser on their Weibo account and the package is as interesting as the device, with curved edges on both sides and having the smartphone as the centerpiece. The video is really short and does not do justice for the phone, but we did get to see that there is a protective case included. It will slightly reduce the amount of screen real-estate on the back, but not by much.

Source: Sparrowsnews

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