Umidigi UWake Unboxing

Umidigi started with smartphones, but in the past few months, the company launched quite a few other devices. We have the UWatch (which is at its second generation now), UPods and now, the Umidigi UWake. This is a Bluetooth speaker that acts as an alarm clock as well. What makes this interesting is that it can double as a sunrise simulator and has multiple color LEDs that can also beat to the music. All these, fur just $29.99, or even lower during sales. Let’s take it out of the box!

The Umidigi UWake comes in a simple package. You can’t really expect too much considering the price and I won’t criticize the company for this. The packaging is similar to other products from the company: black box with the Umdigi logo on top.

Opening it we are greeted with a welcome message and the user manual is right on top as well. Nice to see that they included that message. More companies should include such messages since it ads no cost to them but makes the buyer feel better and ads a bit of trust.

Next, we find the power cable and the UWake wrapped in a small, plastic bag. The cable has USB on one end and a proprietary round connector on the other. There is no sign of a power adapter in the box, so you will have to provide your own. Since the cable has USB, it should not be hard to find a spare power adapter in the house, or you can use the one from your phone. It would have been nice if one was included, but again, at this price, you can’t really argue.

Putting all of the above aside, let’s unwrap the actual Bluetooth speaker. It is white and made of plastic. Quality-wise, it is decent, but not outstanding. The back speaker grill is made of metal and it has three buttons on each side. My unit has a small black stain on the back, but nothing that a bit of alcohol can’t remove. It probably got it in the factory, so Umidigi should pay a bit more attention here.

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Turning it on, we are greeted with a ‘Hi’ message on the front display and we can change colors by touching the speaker grill. In total there are 7 colors, a transition between them and pulsating on the music that is playing. In total, 9 color effects. When it comes to size, the Umidigi UWake isn’t very big, having a diameter of around 10-12cm. More details in a full review in the next couple of weeks.

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