Xiaomi Black Shark 2 (Global Version) receives a new update

It has been quite a while since the Black Shark 2 has received an update. People were actually starting to feel disappointed since they were still stuck on the May security patch on the global version of the phone. Today, however, the company finally pushed a new update to the Black Shark 2 and not only does it update the security patch to the August security patch, but it also comes with a few added features as well as bug fixes.

The Game Dock now has a new feature called “Shark Time” where you can save the previous seconds of gaming as a movie. You can configure how much back in time to go, making it easier to save your best kills in any game, right after it has happened. Another interesting new feature is the inclusion of Google’s Digital Wellbeing, where you can see exactly how much time you are spending in each application as well as limit the time you are allowed to use each app.

Among the new features, bug fixes and performance improvements were also included. The fingerprint reader has been improved in both accuracy and speed, FaceUnlock was also optimized and the camera god a few bug fixes. Furthermore, overall system stability and performance was also improved as well as memory management that could cause some apps to not function properly. Do you have a Black Shark 2? Download the update now.

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