TicWatch Pro Unboxing

WearOS (or Android Wear, call it however you want) does not have the success that Google hoped. Compared to Apple’s alternative, WearOS devices represent a small percentage of the total wearable market. Part of the reason is the lack of implication on Google’s side, but the fact that manufacturers don’t make attractive devices plays a big role as well. Mobvoi, on the other hand, has many smartwatches and the most attractive among them is the TicWatch Pro, which we are going to unbox right now.

The box is simple, completely black in color, with the text TicWatch Pro written in the middle. It is covered in an additional layer of paper which has a more detailed design that features the smartwatch on the front as well as other details on the sides and back (estimated battery life, IP Rating, operating system, etc.) The packaging does not stand out in either way: it isn’t too fancy nor too simple, on par with packaging from other smartwatches that I’ve had the chance to open.

Lifting the lid reveals the TicWatch Pro in all its splendor. The device is presented ‘in your face’ and manages to capture your attention the minute you see it. The fact that there are no other accessories or documents when you open the box makes it stand out. The smartwatch is surrounded by a cover with nice patterns to make the package more interesting.

Lifting the watch with the extra cover allows us to see the rest of the content present in the box as well as how the watch is holstered so that it does not move during transport. The strap is closed similar on how it will be on your wrist and a dense sponge is fitted inside to keep it from moving. Looking in the box we see that Mobvoi included a charging/docking station for the TicWatch Pro but no power adapter. A user manual is also present, but nothing more.

I was expecting to see a power adapter included. You can use almost any phone adapter (since the cable connects to it via standard USB), but still, having one in the box would have helped offer the TicWatch Pro a more “premium” feel. This is not a cheap Chinese knock-off, but a premium device that costs up to $250 (or even more if you go for the 4G model). A detailed review is on the way and will be posted in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you want to order one, you can use the code “AZKWJA” to get 10% off on your order (available for any Mobvoi product). Also, other coupons and special offers are available on our coupons page.

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