Leaked images with a new Motorola smartphone with pop-up camera appear online

We haven’t talked about Motorola for quite a while. Even though the company makes good devices at affordable prices and their MotoMods are interesting and a nice spin on smartphones. Well, let’s change this a bit and today I will report on a new smartphone that has been leaked and will be the company’s first device with a pop-up camera. Details are scarce and we don’t have a lot of information, but almost certainly it will be part of the Motorola One family.

As we can see, the phone has a pop-up selfie camera that reises at the top of the phone, a screen with very small bezels and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader on that back, that has a nice LED rim around it. That rim may also be used for notifications, but we don’t know for sure right now. Some suggest that the phone actually has an in-display fingerprint reader and the light is actually an illuminated logo. I guess we will have to wait until the actual release to find out.

On the back of the device, you will also find a dual-camera setup but, since the phone in the pictures is most probably a pre-production unit, there are no markings indicating the number of megapixels. again, as with all leaks, let’s take them with a grain of salt. Even though they appear to be legit, it is hard to validate them at this time.

Source: Motorola Latinoamerica

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