Black Shark 2 Pro launched in Europe starting at €599. Get 50% off on accesories

Xiaomi has started to officially sell the Black Shark 2 Pro gaming smartphone in Europe and the UK. The phone offers slightly better specs and a different back design compared the device launched a few months ago, however, all this will set you back an extra €50. If it is worth it, you will have to decide. To convince you to buy the new smartphone, they will be offering 50% off on all accessories for the first 24 hours when a Black Shark 2 Pro device is bought in the same order.

The smartphone has the newer Snapdragon 855+ chipset but retains the RAM and storage configurations. There is an 8GB+128GB version available for €599 and a 12GB+256GB version for €649. The Black Shark 2 Pro also has a slightly changed design on the back which comes with more RGB lights. Sadly, no other major improvements were made. I would have loved to see an upgrade to a 90Hz display, something that is slowly becoming a standard, but it was not the case. Just the like the normal Black Shark 2, the Pro has a FullHD+ AMOLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The cameras on the device also remain unchanged. You will get the same 48MP main camera and 12MP secondary camera with 2x optical zoom compared to the other one. Xiaomi also teases improved cooling, but don’t expect a major decrease in the already-low temperatures that the Black Shark 2 has. If you are on the market for a gaming smartphone, the Black Shark 2 Pro may be suitable for you, but if you already own the original, there is no reason to get this one, even with the 50% off on accessories promotion.

The Black Shark 2 Pro can be bought from their official store for Europe or for the UK, depending on the location you are leaving.

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