OPPO patents a smartphone with a curved screen on all sides

Smartphone companies are experimenting a lot right now with curved screens. We have true flagships that have the screen curved on both sides at almost 90 degrees, like the Huawei Mate 30, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha taks things even further, wrapping the screen around the phone until it almost completely covers the back as well. OPPO seems to be on the trend as well and according to Let’s Go Digital, they patented a smartphone that has a screen that curves on all four sides.

This means that the entire front and side of the device is screen only, not having any sensors, buttons or edges in clear sigh. Instead, everything was moved under the display, including the proximity sensor and light sensor. The phone may also use an under-display front-facing camera if it were to come on the market. And this is a big “if”. Right now there are no indications if this is something actually in the works, if a prototype is developed or if they even plan on releasing this to the general public. It may be just a concept with an associated patent. And for good reasons.

Even though the phone looks cool in the renders made by Let’s Go Digital, it poses many problems. Not only it is far more complex to build and requires tech that is not yet easily accessible, but the phone will also surely be a lot more fragile than your typical smartphone. And right now, I don’t see how a case would fit here.

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