Redmi Laptop to be released this month with AMD CPU

Redmi is starting to get more and more into Xiaomi’s market. I know that they are the same company underneath, but they are two brands that, in some ways, are competing with one another. Starting with the 21st of October, they will compete on more than just smartphones since Redmi will launch their first laptop, the RedmiBook. So far no official specifications were announced, but according to Redmi’s Weibo account, the device will come with AMD CPU and will have a great price-to-performance ratio.

Using an AMD Ryzen chipset makes perfect sense. They currently offer greater performance for the money compared to Intel and their integrated graphics are also really good. Using AMD would allow Redmi to offer a laptop with great performance at a reasonable price. There will probably be more versions released and hopefully some will have a touchscreen as well, but so far we know that at least one version will come with the Ryzen 5 3550H processor.

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