Xiaomi CC9 Pro may be announced this with 108MP camera

Ever since the Mi Mix Alpha was revealed with its wrap-around display and 108MP camera we were expecting a more accessible device to be revealed that had such great photo capabilities. Everybody wants better and better cameras on their devices and manufacturers are trying to provide it. Even Xiaomi admitted that they are indeed working on more than one smartphone with a 108MP camera and the first device that you may actually buy may be closer than initially thought.

In a leak on Weibo, something that is hard to verify right now but it is at least plausible, it was revealed that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is close to release. the Mi CC9 devices that were previously announced came with mid-range specifications but flagship-level cameras, including a great selfie one. The CC9 Pro it seems is no exception, if we are to believe the post. According to the leakster, it will come with a Snapdragon 730 chipset and have the new 108MP sensor from Samsung. The release date, at least in China, may be the 24th of October.

I know that you are skeptical and I know that there are many questions and red flags related to this post, but it is not that far fetched. If it is indeed true, I hope it will be available outside of China.


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