Find out here if your phone will be getting MIUI 11 and when

MIUI 11 promises to be a big change and big step forward for the interface in both usability, performance, and features. Xiaomi promises to offer the new version of their skin to many smartphones, however, roll out will take a while. In the first batch of devices that will be getting it are only 13 models but don’t panic. Smartphones as old as the Redmi Note 4x will see MIUI 11 on them. Will your smartphone receive the update?

Now that you saw the image above, let’s recap a few of the main features that are coming to MIUI 11. First of all, the entire interface has been redesigned to be less cluttered and to better work with gestures and full-screen displays, something that more and more smartphones are getting. You will be greeted with a clean and intuitive UI that will offer a lot of information at a glance, without the need to dig deep into menus. For AMOLED screen, a new always-on-display mode will be available with many cool designs and which will make your phone stand out. You will also be able to personalize it in order to make it unique and suit your mood and personality.

Under MIUI 11 you will be able to make de margins of the display light up when you receive a notification, acting as an indicator. New alarms and ringtones will be available, all inspired by nature. They are based on different elements like fire, water, wood or metal. Phones running MIUI 11 will have an improved second-space available where you can set it for work or personal, with different applications and settings altogether. Things don’t end here though. Xiaomi has partnered with WPS Office to offer a computer-grade document viewer out of the box, without the need to install new applications.

There are many more features coming to MIUI 11 and you read more about them at MIUI Official Website. What is your favorite?

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