JoyUI 11 based on MIUI11 will arrive on Black Shark phones starting with December

Those that purchased the global version of Black Shark gaming smartphones may have had a bit of a shock to see how “stock the entire interface is. The Chinese version runs on a customized version of MIUI but the devices sold outside of China run JoyUI, an interface that is almost completely stock Android and lacks all the features that Xiaomi owners are used to from MIUI. There are no themes, no always-on-display options and the apps pre-installed are completely stock.

Many may like this, but considering how well made and how feature-rich MIUI is, we can say that the phone is lacking many interesting features. Things are about to change very soon as Black Shark is preparing to launch JoyUI 11, a new interface that is based on MIUI 11 and that will come with most, if not all features found there. We wrote yesterday about MIUI 11 and a few of the features that are available, so we are excited to see them come to the Black Shark 2 smartphones.

All Black Shark 2 phones are eligible to receive JoyUI 11, from the original Black Shark to the recently launched Black Shark 2 Pro. The rollout will start this December, however, there was no clear timeline provided. Also, we expect that the Chinese versions of the phone will get it first since they are already on a version based on MIUI 10 and upgrades will be easier.

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