TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G are getting sleep tracking via an update

Last week we published our TicWatch Pro review and one feature that we found strange to be missing is sleep tracking. It is not a major issue, especially considering that you could install one from the Google Play Store. Still, most manufacturers include sleep tracking on their wearables by default. Today, Mobvoi is starting to push a big update that adds this much-needed feature to the TicWatch Pro and TicWatch Pro 4G.

The feature is launched together with the TicSleep application that will sync all information between the watch and the phone and will provide useful insights and with the help of AI, will better analyze your sleep habits. Furthermore, the smartwatches are getting a much-needed discount on Amazon. The TicWatch Pro will be available for $200 starting today and the 4G model for $280. The same price is available on their website using discount codes. Below you can find the full list of new features for TicWatch Pro Sleep tracking:

  • Proactive Sleep Tracking: Utilizing artificial intelligence, TicSleep automatically detects and tracks your sleep without manually tapping any buttons. You can gain insight into your sleep by simply wearing your TicWatch to bed.

  • Sleep Cycle Tracking with Heart Rate Monitor: Using the rich sensors from the TicWatch Pro line of smartwatches, your TicWatch provides you with insights into your sleep cycles and delivers an in-depth analysis of the time you spent sleeping, along with your heart rate during every stage of your sleep cycle. You can review your sleep cycle from the TicSleep watch face and more in the Mobvoi smartphone app.

  • TicSleep Watch App Interface: To stay on track with your sleep conditions, the TicSleep watch app interface allows you to see your last night’s total sleep time and compare it with your 7-day weekly average. You can also keep track of your sleep cycle and sleeping heart rate directly from your watch face.

  • Smart alarm: TicSleep monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you with a subtle, customizable vibration while you’re in a state of light sleep.

  • Sleep data history: Aside from just getting daily briefings on your sleep condition, you can view your historical sleep data and track any changes in your sleep cycle on a weekly basis.

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