How to flash global ROM on Nubia Z20

If you bought a Nubia Z20 smartphone from China, there are chances that it came with the Chinese ROM installed. Even though the phone works perfectly, it does not have Google Play Services (including Google Play Store) installed, so getting apps may pose some troubles. However, you can easily flash the global ROM and migrate the Nubia Z20 from Chinese ROM to Global ROM in a few easy steps. Keep in mind though that this is a bit risky and if not followed correctly, it may brick your smartphone. Also, make sure that your device is charged to at least 50%. Also, the process will completely wipe your data, so back-up any important things that you have there.

Step 1: Download the Global ROM

First, you will have to download the global ROM from Nubia’s website. There is a version for Europe & Asia, and another archive for North America. Download the one corresponding to your region and keep the since we will be needing them soon.

Step 2: Copy file to your phone

Next, connect the phone to your PC and make sure it is set to “storage device” so that you can copy files to it. Once connected, a notification should appear where you can change connection mode if needed. If this is the first time you connect the phone to your PC you may have to wait until the needed drivers are installed. This is a great opportunity to make a backup of your important files. Now, copy the archive you downloaded at step 1 to your device’s root. This means that it should not be in any folder, but directly in the main storage.

Step 3: Install the ROM

Now we will actually install the ROM. Go to “Settings->System Update” and press the “Options” icon from the top right corner (the three dots). Choose “Local Update”, browse for the file you just copied and press “Install”. This should take a few minutes and the phone will reboot once complete. After it reboots, the phone should be migrated from the Chinese ROM to the Global ROM. If you encounter problems after, go to step 4.

Step 4: Wipe Data (optional)

If you encounter problems after the migration it should be because of some leftover data that needs to be deleted. This is an easy step but it will restore your phone to factory settings. Power the device off and after that turn it back on by pressing both the power and the volume up simultaneously for a few seconds. This will trigger the phone to enter into recovery. Once there, select “Wipe Data” and “Wipe User Data”. After that, reboot and setup your phone as if it was new.

Congratulations, now you have successfully migrated your Nubia Z20 from Chinese ROM to Global ROM.

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  1. Благодарю! Хорошо бы ещё понимать чем отличается версия для США от версии для Европы.

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