This is the Xiaomi CC9 Pro – Penta-camera setup, 108MP main sensor

Xiaomi teased yesterday that their next smartphone, a device that will focus on photography, will be unveiled today. They kept their promise, and even though it is not a release, it does confirm the device and we have the launch date. Furthermore, we have our first image of the phone, or at least part of it, where we can see the camera placement. The Xiaomi CC9 Pro will be released during a press conference on the 5th of November, along with other devices.

xiaomi cc9 pro camera setup

In the image, we see the back of the phone in a beautiful green/emerald color and we can see that the device will have 5 cameras on the back. We don’t know their full configuration, but judging from the aspect we can confirm that there is probably a macro-lens as well as a depth-sensing camera. Also, the 108MP main sensor is confirmed thanks to the writing on the back of the phone, along with 5X optical zoom. The Xiaomi CC9 Pro seems to be an interesting camera-phone and let’s hope it won’t disappoint.

Xiaomi also confirmed on the 5th of November, when the phone will be officially released, other devices will also be launched. We can expect the new Xiaomi TV Box 5 as well as smartwatches. Rumors indicate that Xiaomi will launch their first smartwatches with WearOS, but we will have to wait a bit more to know for sure.

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