Nubia Alpha get’s a discount, available for just $300

When the Nubia Alpha was revealed it managed to attract a lot of press coverage. Some, good, while some criticized the device. It is definitely an interesting and unconventional device that won’t fit everybody’s needs. It is more than a smartwatch, but not quite a smartphone either. It looks like an experiment and a glimpse into the future of wearable devices, however, from my point of view, it is not really ready for prime-time. Still, there are people that would love such a device on their wrist. And for them, Nubia is offering a discount on the Nubia Alpha.

The Nubia Alpha is a smartphone that is designed to be wared on your wrist, just like you would wear a smartwatch. It has a long, flexible AMOLED screen that wraps partially around your arm. On the sides, you will get a 5MP camera and a series of sensors that will help you use the device using air gestures. One big disadvantage that it has comes from the choice of CPU. The Nubia Alpha runs the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, a rather old and low-power CPU that may not be capable of running all the features of this device properly. I am talking here from past experience with the TicWatch Pro. Still, since the Nubia Alpha runs a completely different OS and it has 1GB of RAM, things can be different in Nubia’s case.

The smart bracelet does have quite a few interesting features that make it at least partially appealing. It is definitely a fashion statement, with an elegant design that will attract many viewers the first time they will see it. Furthermore, it has good fitness tracking capabilities, a heart rate sensor and can make calls. Nubia’s AlphaOS that is running on the bracelet has a few applications preinstalled, including a video recorder, SMS, calendar, stopwatch and health and activity tracker. The display is also customizable so that the watch face fits perfectly with your style.

The Nubia Alpha was not cheap, but at its current price of $299, it is on par with other smartwatches on the market while offering a bit more. You can buy the Nubia Alpha smart bracelet from their online store in both Europe and North America.

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