Xiaomi’s WearOS smartwatch looks like and Apple Watch

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced on Weibo that on the 5th, along with the new CC9 Pro smartphone, they will also unveil a new wearable device. Today press images with the new smartwatch (that presumably runs WearOS) started to appear online and the device looks almost identical to the Apple Watch. Xiaomi has been known for getting a lot of inspiration from Apple when it comes to design, so this isn’t a surprise. Still, we must admit, the smartwatch looks good.

We still don’t know anything related to the specifications or features, but everything will be revealed next Tuesday. Rumors say that the new Smartwatch from Xiaomi will come with WearOS, have an AMOLED screen and good fitness tracking capabilities. Hopefully, it will also have an IP rating so you can take it for a swim and Xiaomi may have made some changes to the interface in order to better work with their MIUI version of Android.

Source: Xiaomishka

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