Teclast P10S Unboxing – Cheapes 10″ 4G tablet?

We have a new product on our hands. This time it is a tablet and not any tablet. We have the new Teclast P10S 4G tablet which Banggood was kind enough to sponsor. The device was just launched this month and it is one of the cheapest 10″ tablets currently on the market that runs Android 9. Let’s open it and see what we get for less than $100.

Teclast P10S Unboxing

The box is simple, white in color with Teclast and tPad written on it. Nothing too fancy, but Banggood had it really well packaged so that there was little chance of it breaking during shipping. Thumbs up for them on this. Once we get it opened, we see the tablet.

Teclast P10S Unboxing

On the front, there is a screen protector already applied and there is a protective plastic film on the back as well. The tablet is quite big, having a 10.1″ screen with HD resolution. I know, HD at this size is not very compelling, but considering the price, we can’t really complain. I will dig deeper into this in my hands-on review.

The tablet itself feels solid. It has an aluminum back with plastic margins on the side. On the left there are two volume buttons as well as the power button and on top the microSD card slot, 4G SIM slot and the micro USB port used for charging. Sadly, there is no USB Type-C charging port here and no HDMI out. Also, the SIM slot has no tray and has push-to-enter mode. I don’t know how I feel about this, but considering the SIm should not be removed regularly, it should be OK.

Going deeper into the package we find the warranty card, a user manual a power brick that can output 2.5A and a USB cable. They feel a bit cheap, especially the cable, but should be good enough for basic needs.

It is clear that the Teclast P10S is not a high-end tablet. Quite the contrary, as it is currently sold for $110 and you could get it even cheaper during sale events. Teclast had to cut a few corners in order to get the price down so much while still offering 4G connectivity. The screen is one aspect where the quality had to suffer (again, only HD resolution), it comes with only 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It is powered by an UNISOC SC9863A chipset which is an octa-core Cortex A55 CPU with an IMG 8322 GPU. I will definitely put it to the test.

Again, thanks to BangGood for sponsoring this unboxing and a full hands-on review will be posted in about two weeks. Stay tunned!

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