Video of MIUI for Watch posted on Weibo

Xiaomi will present its first WearOS smartwatch next week but don’t expect the interface to look just like any other WearOS smartwatch. Xiaomi heavily customized it to make it look better and have the same design language as its smartphone customization. They call it MIUI for Watch and judging from the video posted on Weibo, it may be the thing WearOS needed to be more appealing to the general public.

The video was posted by Lei Jun and we can see a few of the design elements that clearly resemble the interface present on their smartphones. The watch also looks to be having the same always-on-display features like MIUI and good multitasking capabilities. Obviously, there are many things yet unknown, but over on Twitter, Xiaomishka posted a short video with the watch in action. You should head over there and see it. Also, some say that it is not WearOS but a different operating system that may not even be based on Android. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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