TicSleep Review on the TicWatch Pro

There are many things to love on the TicWatch Pro. The device is elegant, well build and despite the occasional lag, it is a good smartwatch. As I said, I can’t wait for the TicWatch pro 2 to launch that will have better performance and more RAM. One feature that was missing on the smartwatch was sleep tracking, You could install an application from the Play Store that can achieve this as well, but to my surprise, Mobvoi did not include such a feature by default… until now.

A little over a week ago, Mobvoi launched TicSleep for the TicWatch Pro and for the past few days I’ve been testing it. I really like the feature and find the sleep tracking to be accurate, it provides good insights on your sleep patterns and is easy to use. All you have to do to get this is download the TicSleep application on your smartwatch. The app does have a few minor drawbacks, but nothing that can’t be ignored or fixed in feature updates.

When you first open the TicSleep application you will have to set your approximate sleeping hours. Here, I would make it so that it is easier to fine-tune the hour and minute since dragging the circular slider does not have the needed accuracy all the time. For example, I wake up at 7:00 and I could not set it exactly this. Maybe my fingers are too big. After that, you just wear your watch to sleep and it will automatically track your sleep.

In the morning, you get all the data in the Mobvoi app on your smartphone. There you can see sleep cycles, heart rate during sleep, efficiency and total time. The interface of the app is easy to use and all data is at a glance, without the need to dig deep into menus and screens. On thing to keep in mind is that, due to the limited RAM availability on the TicWatch Pro, the app may have been killed during the day. I strongly recommend you open the app manually right before you go to bed. One day I forgot to do this and in the morning I discovered that there was no data available. Maybe this is not a problem on the TicWatch Pro 4G version, which has more RAM.

I am happy to see that Movboi added sleep tracking to the TicWatch Pro and hope to see it for their other smartwatches as well. The function is useful, easy to use and could help people better regulate their sleep. I hope to see this feature migrated to their other smartwatches and I really, really hope to see a newer, more up-to-date device from them.

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