teclast p10s cheap 4g tablet

Teclast P10S Discount Code! Get it for just $89.99

The cheapest 4G tablet that is actually worth checking out right now gets even cheaper thanks to our partners from Banggood! We reviewed the Teclast P10S 4G tablet and we were quite impressed by it, considering the $110 price tag. Today, we have an exclusive coupon code just for you! Using the discount code from below, you can get it for just $89.99. At this price, it is really worth buying, even if just as a secondary device for on the go web browsing.

Teclast P10S has a 10″ HD screen, an octa-core low-end chipset that can still handle basic tasks without any problems and 2GB of RAM. It runs Android 9 out of the box, has good build quality and 4G connectivity. I won’t be gaming on this (you can read our review for more information), but it is a good device for social networks, web browsing, emails and light productivity tasks. At just shy of $90 it will be really hard to find something better right now.

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