Xiaomi launches the Mi Band 3i in India

Today Xiaomi revealed a new wearable, but don’t expect anything fancy. They launched the new Mi Band 3i, which is almost identical to the older Mi band 3 smart bracelet, with one major difference: it lacks the heart rate sensor. It has all the other features that don’t require it and is quite cheap, at just Rs. 1,299, so I am sure that there will be a market for it. So, what will you be getting for approximately $18?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3i has 1.9cm AMOLED display with a touchscreen that can show fitness information, notifications and the time. The display is monochrome only, so don’t expect any fancy watch faces, but it does have the benefit that it has a great battery life, despite having a rather small 110 mAh battery. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3i can last up to 20 days on a single charge. The device also has water resistance, so you can take a shower with it, but it is not recommended to take it for a swim.

The lack of the heart rate sensor is something that we got used to seeing, even on cheap wearables, so it will be interesting to know how well the Mi Band 3i will sell. There are many alternatives on the market that have this feature and are not necessarily more expensive, or the price difference is very small.

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