How to handle shipping delays: Roidmi vs Umidigi

Almost a month ago I wrote about Roidmi and how their IndieGoGo campaign, despite having huge commercial success, ended in disaster. Back then, almost no backers from Europe got their vacuums even though the deadline was two months passed, and other regions saw big delays as well. After that article Roidmi started to respond (after more than a month of complete silence) and saying that shipping will be done soon. Another company, Umidigi, had a similar situation and they handled it a lot better. Roidmi, I hope that you are reading this since you have a lot to learn.

Now, before I start, I must say that in the past I criticized Umidigi due to their poor software support for the devices they sell. You can find older articles about this and I am happy to say that the company is improving in that regard as well. I mentioned this so that you don’t get the impression that I am a fan or that I have something to gain from this article. Now, let’s focus on the situation at hand.

After last month’s article, Roidmi’s backers started to receive by email tracking codes. Those were either from DHL or DPD, depending on the country they lived. However, all this was smoke and mirrors in an attempt by Roidmi to buy more time and minimize negative press. This is because most of those tracking codes were invalid or non-existent. The IndieGoGo campaign is full of backers complaining that the tracking code does not work, is invalid or there is no movement for multiple weeks. Any attempt to contact them was futile since the emails got ignored by their customer support department…until this week. Now, things are really starting to move and most backers got new tracking codes that actually work. I talked with a few backers that are in this situation and the same thing happened to me. Got one tracking code on the 5th of December, one that was invalid, and a new tracking code today which actually works and has valid information.

Yesterday, Umidigi had a somewhat similar situation with its launch of the Umidigi F2 smartphone. The device was supposed to ship at the end of November, but due to more pre-orders than they were expecting, things got delayed. Now, their statement is also a bit late, only posting an official one on the 19th of December, a month later than the original shipping date, but they did inform most customers by email sooner. They also posted a full statement with a clear reason for the delay on all their social media accounts, new shipping dates based on when you ordered the phone and compensation for those that had to wait.

Yes, Umidigi will be offering free items as compensation for the delay. Customers will receive the new UWatch 3 fitness tracker watch or the pair of Upods TWS wireless earbuds. The gift depends on the order period: the more you had to wait, the greater the gift. Is it an ideal situation? Far from it, but Umidigi did handle things a lot better, with more clear communication, compensation for pre-orders. Furthermore, those that pre-ordered will still receive it among the first, something that was untrue in the Roidmi X20, that could have been already bought from Amazon and other online stores, with shipping immediately and at the same price as the IndieGoGo campaign before most backers had received tracking information…even the fake ones.

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