Xiaomi and NReal join forces to bring mix-reality to the masses

A few months ago I wrote about an interesting new company called NReal that is developing a pair of smart glasses that focus on mix-reality, gaming, and advanced interactions. Something that Google tried in the past but eventually abandoned the project, at least for general consumers. After that article (which I strongly recommend you read since it is really interesting), there was almost complete silence…until today.

Black Shark just announced that they are partnering with NReal to bring mix-reality to the basses. For those that did not read the original NReal article, the glasses don’t work on their own, but need a companion smartphone to do most of the processing as well as run the applications. This is where the Black Shark phones come in. With their great processing power and game-centric features, the devices are perfectly suitable to handle such tasks. We can expect some really interesting mix-reality and augmented reality games as well as other cool applications developed specifically for the Black Shark + NReal combo.

For now, we don’t know more details, but everything will be revealed next year at CES2020. People will probably have the chance to try the new glasses themselves and see what they can actually do. Interesting times are ahead!

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