ELEPHONE U3H packs a lot of storage for under $250

Elephone is launching its first smartphone for 2020: the Elephone U3H. Yah…I don’t know either the logic behind the naming, but let’s move past it and focus on the device itself because it is quite interesting. Now, it is still a mid-range smartphone, but Elephone is packing a lot of internal storage and features that are usually not found at this price point.

The ELEPHONE U3H comes with the older Helio P70 chipset. It is still a decent mid-range CPU, more than capable of running most games and applications, but I would have loved to see the newer G90, even if this would have meant slightly higher prices. It is paired with 8GB of RAM and a whopping 256GB of internal storage. I think that this is the first smartphone under $400 that I see with such storage capabilities. Now, don’t expect UFS3 here, but even so, the device should be good enough for most people.

elephone u3h

Things don’t end here though. The phone has a 48MP main camera and a secondary, 5MP depth-sensing one. If they managed to get the software right (and I expect that at this point it should be decent since they already have some experience in this department) the phone should be capable of taking good pictures, especially in well-lit areas. On the front, you will find a 24MP selfie camera. Both back and front cameras should benefit from the Helio P70’s AI capabilities to further enhance picture quality using software.

The 6.53″ screen has a FullHD+ resolution and manages to occupy more than 91% of the front of the device. You don’t get a notch, instead, Elephone opting for a punch-hole for the U3H. Want more? The device has NFC that can also be used for payments, wireless charging (wireless charger not included in the box) and a 3500mAh battery that supports fast charging via the USB Type-C connector. All the “traditional” like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader are also included.

elephone u3h

The Elephone U3H will start pre-order next week, however, the final price has not yet been revealed. Rumors has it situated between $229.99 and $249.99 (if we are to believe the listings on Aliexpress), but we will have to wait a bit more to see. An even cheaper version which ditches the wireless charging, NFC and only has 6GB/128GB of RAM/storage will also be available for under $200. Not a bad price. Oh…did I mention that it will run Android 10 after the promised update in February?

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